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as they are proceedinggin syria, the iranians are proceeding, as they are proceeding in strengthening hezbollah in lebanon, penetrating. we have to look at the region as a whole plateau. there is a civil war in syria. you know, the muslim brotherhood and other insurgents. so deflect attention from syria. enron is supposed to be the one to encourage factions within hamas to start shelling the israelis. they're going to retaliate. the muslim brotherhood president in egypt, this is not his timing back, but he cannot but support hamas when hamas is attacked or counterattacked. lou: can we save publicly he must support? what he does privately could be quite different. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood government in north africa had a different plan. they want to take the time to support strategically and are still struggling and the inside. so is the case with turkey cannot answer your question. he is not ready right now to confront anything that has to do with the arab-israeli conflict. his public position has to align with hamas and egypt. the real confrontation is between iran and israel. lou: the real
northern border given the increasing anarchy inside syria and the potential the spillover into lebanon and across israel's border. much like the squeeze they felt in 2006. i think we're entering into a time of real danger and potential hostilities on both sides of the israeli border. lou: your thoughts. >> the brigade, the commander of which was killed by the israelis , are really the strategic army of hamas. my concern is that hamas has to a strategic alliances, one basically with the muslim brotherhood now in charge of egypt, but more importantly with the iranian regime. hamas is escalating against the israelis was prompted their response to put pressure on israel and divert the attention from syria. that is the way to get out of the syrian complex situation. this is a challenge to the administration. wh would you do if israel takes out the hamas military leader? it's a big question. lou: and a question that we're going to turn to judy miller for the answer when we come back. is this a strategic response that will drive straight at the heart of the iranians and put in jeopardy their
, ron and syria along with egypt in that, if you will, axes with in the least. syria itself, the implications for it as a result of what we are witnessing and the obvious victory for iran in brokering this deal along with more see, whether he is the ultimate act or whether he is, if you will, acting in the interest of others >> this war in the region is really a proxy war between iran and israel. this is really extending to hezbollah and moss. these rockets that were fired iranian rockets supplied by a iranians. lou: most of them by israel. >> absolutely. but these were -- derived from the power. there is no doubt about that. >> in the bunker, these are good days. these are good days. no one came to the rescue. indeed, the talks in egypt in the tumult of the war between israel and the moss. no doubt about it. lou: thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: next russia's leading newspaper on president obama and those who voted for him not flattering. noted obama backer seemingly working hard to prove the point. that is next. it up tomorrow, abc news white house corresponden
. obviously the situation in syria is deteriorated since then. we have been extensively engaged with the international community as well as regional powers to help the opposition. we've committed to hundreds of millions of dollars of humanitarian aid to help folks inside of syria and outside of syria. we are constantly consulting with the opposition how they can get organized so that they're not splintered and divided in the face of the onslaught from the assad regime. we are, in very close contact with countries like turkey and jordan, that immediately border syria and have an impact and obviously israel which is having already grave concerns as we do about, for example, movements of chemical weapons that might occur in such a chaotic atmosphere and that could have an impact not just within syria but on the region as a whole. i'm encouraged to see that the syrian opposition created an umbrella group that may have more cohesion than they have had in the past. we're going to be talking to them, my envoys will be traveling to various meetings that are going to be taking place with
all of this and that second day of shelling by the israelis into syria, we are joined by a senior editor for the washington free begin, fox news middle east expert. good to have you both year. let me begin with you. what we are now watching, i series of time lines. the cia timeline on benghazi. we have them military timeline. we have the paulo bridewell timeline, if you will. this is getting to be extraordinarily complicated, and it has some very peculiar dimensions to it that suggest we have a long way to go to know what this administration was thinking and why. do you agree? >> i do agree, and i would come to it from this perspective. general patraeus is a central figure for the american public, congress, all of us to understand what really happened. for the simple reason, he is the leading expert for so many years. he led the surge. he knows them. he oversaw the surge in afghanistan against that tell a ban. he was the head of center, overseeing the whole region, and he was the director of the cia. i would think that he could help us enormously in answering questions. number one
against iran and syria supporting the opposition so eitherhey are speaking the truth or openly lying, and we can have a much stronger statement from the president looking for regime change inia syria, and all the while turkey funneling millions of dollars to iran. one is a war of words.war second, is also other partners s like dubai who supposedly is ani ally that also is just a hundred miles across the sea from iran, and shifting also some of that ld to them so we have other. players. india's an ally, other allies subverting sanctions through the new identity list gold economyys providing $1 billion to $2 billion a month bypassing t sanctions. melissa: when i heard they were investing in trying to boost oit output, i thought, no, i don't belie that because where are they getting the money, but now you see where they are getting the money. in a lot of ways, it seems like this investment is unstoppable. the whole thing seems unstopeble. >> well, remember, there is somm impact from this sanctions, but they can make up numbers aboutay its own investment. i don't think they have $100 bil
. syria will not show much of turkey. they are incapable of showing much of israel. the real issue is what is their view towards iran and what will be their goal? >> i don't think that they are in a position that they have much choice. other than taking action. the united states -- president obama has not had israel's accents in office. they continue to enrich uranium and get a nuclear weapon. they want to wipe israel off the face of the map. how can they not take this area sleep? >> the whole dynamic has changed with the sense of the muslim brotherhood in egypt. they are now running the show in egypt. the very first one meeting that the egyptian muslim brotherhood -- there is a new online fair to the israel people and the turks a couple of years ago started reaching out to the iranians, too. now you have the full encirclement of israel by iran. lou: as we look at this, now we turn to northern africa. the role of al qaeda. house intelligence and senate intelligence committees -- do you think they will be forthcoming? >> yes, i do. another network reporting that david atrios wants to testif
that issues would be deflective from syria to gaza, so the long-term victor is iran, immediate term viktor is morsey and hamas. lou: eli, is there with this ceasefire, perhaps seeds of greater violence? i mean, there is about iran, sense they have benefitted, they have won an advantage in this short-term, we'll see where it leads a ceasefire there is also, the new strength in standing of morsi, so long as he can hold it together. this is a shift, that we've not seen before. your thoughts? >> well, my sense of it is it, that netanyahu in some ways is a winner, he does not have to go into what i think is a no-win situation for a landi land invaf gaza, at this point, any prolonged house-to-house fighting for israeli defense forces is a lose-lose, if israelis achieve military objective spec and eliminate the rocket they have the nightmare still of a lot of dead gazans. so -- >> don't you think -- >> i think in some ways anything opportunity for him not to have to go in to prove to his own people he got something, and he can say, the top commanders for gaza military wing of eliminated, they wil
construction on a $10 billion pipeline that will bring natural gas to their key ally, syria. iran's state-run news agency says construction will be finished by the second half of 2013. drivers might get some relief at the pump just in time for thanksgiving. aaa reports the national average for a gallon of regular gas has dropped by more than a quarter. $3.41. what a deal. aaa estimates 40 million people hit the road this holiday weekend. next on "money," we are creating headfirst toward the financial cliff. all that talk and no walk is not getting us anywhere. we were in the top economic advisors here with the three things president obama has to do to save us all. and the twinkie is dead, but who killed america's sweetest cowboy? i think it is the unions fault, but somebody is here to disagree with me. more "money" and no twinkies coming up. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. m
there been weakening or lessening of their relationship? >> absolutely and syria has driven a wedge between iran and hamas and hezbollah and hamas, back in the outside government in syria and hamas fighting with the -- is not as strong as it was a couple years ago. dagen: why now? is it all about the israeli election? >> 750 rockets fired into israel, there was growing concern in those communities about the security threats but it is close to an election. we thought four years ago close to an election where hamas attacks provoke israeli response. we should look at 2008 and how this could play out? dagen: the bush administration was hands of. can we expect the same from the obama administration? >> will be important to watch. will. administration in 2008, you could handle the situation however you see fit and the international community weighed in for a cease-fire. we haven't had a lot of statements out of washington yet. we had statements from the british government. very interesting to see statements that obama makes on this. dagen: any idea how long this lasts? even though there might not
the subject of the same subject as syria becoming more -- speculation for example the united states is going to get more involved and give arms directly to the syrians. that is another part of this. >> if you look at the entire middle east in 18 months we have gone from a stable pro-american middle east and unstable chaotic and many cases anti-american middle east. syria is one of the few countries in the world you don't worry about being too powerful too week because it fits with a par -- [talking over each other] connell: give arms to the people fighting the syrian government? >> give them arms and they could be used against you. what the united states should do is first of all provide humanitarian assistance. a lot of refugees. those refugees, it is a tragedy but they moving to the neighboring countries and spread, the other thing we could do is work with the rebels. are there any groups in the rebel groups that are pro-democracy? those rebels, this is not george washington at valley forge. these are not necessarily people who want to establish a democracy and rights of all individuals. d
of the posture of the white house. we have to take care of iran first. as syria goes, so goes iran. we missed one hell back of an opportunity in 2009 to bring that then you cut a deal with the palestinians. cheryl: thank you very much for standing by in helping us cover the breaking news. i do want to let our viewers know we are just seeing a release from the white house that president obama did call benjamin netanyahu to express his appreciation for the efforts to work with the new egyptian government to achieve a sustainable cease-fire. president obama did get on the phone with benjamin netanyahu of israel today. let's go and see how oil was affected by the breaking news. sandra smith, what are you looking at? sandra: there was an immediate reaction in the trading pits. we had been higher on the session, but, of course, oil plunged on this news. we saw oil hit the low of the session. $86.37 a barrel. that fella did not last on that news. now, it is right around 86.60. it is not being sustained. traders say it will take a lot more than that for that risk premium to be pulled out of the oil and g
don't wwnt egypt to become syria or chaotic. still, what he did was amazing. >> she was brilliant. he negotiated this deal between israel and tomas. within 24 hours a declared himself anew that he had the united states under a barrel. >> and the imf. >> and the imf and everyone else because no one wants war in the middle east command he needs a billion and a half dollars a month. lou: the imf reminding today that the good behavior will determine the course of $5 million tranche as they like to refer to this. let's turn to the united nations tomorrow, palestinian to limited palestinian. i love the expression. the united nations general assembly. is this the end of the palestinian-israeli conflict? a two-stage solution upon us? help us out here. >> the end of the palestinian-israeli conflict. we will never live that long. i think that this is just yet another little roadblock, and that think it is very important. because if the palestinians get this sort of karzai in the un are at least the ability to be on the international bodies, what they will do is start accusing israel of war crim
,000 rockets in gaza to start. hezbollah has 40-60,000 rockets in syria and southern lebanon. iron dome is qualitatively superi to anything that hamas orezbollah has. melissa: thank you f coming on, that is all very important information i have not heard anywhere else and i hope you'll come back on soon. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. melissa: crudeil futures falling 3% after hope for a cease-fire in the gaza strip immediate concerns of supply risk in the middle east. let's hope those hopes are not premature. and chevron files and ethics complaint against new york comptroller, the oil giant says it received at least $60,000 in campaign and donations for backing an environmental lawsuit against chevron in ecuador. the stock closing down slightly. in the first auction of greenhouse gas credits, allowances for the equivalent of 28.7 million-ton of co2 sold off november 14 auction. the sales rate almost $300 million for the cash-strapped state. next on "money," hewlett-packard could owe billions in a bad deal gone wrong. but is it their fault? and who is going to pay? plus it has t
're talking about egypt. of course you've got syria. you've got iran's nuclear program. real problems in that the pat of the world. very important to american interests. melissa: interesting. peter, thank you for coming on the show. we always appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. melissa: next on "money", winning lottery is next to impossible but one man has done it seven times. he will join us next with tips to pick the winning lottery ticket f tonight's $550 million powerball jackpot. how can you possibly not watch that? >>> i've got my own ticket right here. should i have waited to buy this until after he was on the show? darn it. "piles ofoney" coming up. i'm still going to win. ♪ ♪ . melissa: all right. have you bought your lottery ticket yet? i did! well, by now you have to know the jackpot is a whopping $550 million. you might also know, well, those are your odds of winning. it is roughly 1 in 175 million. lucky for you we have the man with a secret to increase your chances taking home the dough. he has won millions as a seven-time grand prize lottery winner. he wr
be for defense, not creating a no-fly zone in syria. syrian rebels have called for a no-fly zone following the continued airstrike. and new developments in the search for possible new york city serial killer. the fbi and n.y.p.d. now looking for four potential witnesses after they respond on surveillance cameras around the area. the three victims were all middle eastern shopkeepers. those are your headlines. back to lori and melissa. melissa: president obama may not want anything to do with simpson-bowles, but some members of congress do. charlie gasparino on the behind the scenes effort played by the debt reduction partner covert the dreaded fiscal cliff. >> we should point out that they're meeting with legislative groups to craft a potential deal. going to numbers of congress to say here is what we think you should do, here is how it should work. here's the problem, this deal, whatever is being done here is basically being held by fairly y tightly by the leadership. republicans, nancy pelosi and reid on the democrat side. very little involvement with anybody else. that is the one thing t
refuses to work in protest of morsi's decree. >>> win car bomb blasts reported in syria claiming 34 lives in a damascus suburb in an area known to be loyal to president assad. the two parked cars detonated after people were going to work, the second explosion five minutes later apparently designed for those helping to help those hurt by the first bomb. >>> iran's naval commander will soon hold drills and send a fleet of warships to the mediterranean and the atlantic. those are the headlines. back to ashley. ashley: fox's patti ann browne, thank you so much for that. appreciate it. >> thank you. tracy: it is a battle of the teen retailers today as some of the major brand report earnings. which companies should you add to your portfolio heading into the christmas season, those fickle teenagers? sandra smith following big movers today. sandy, i don't know how you keep track of them. >> they might be fickle but they're spending some dough out there. earnings coming from the teen retailers. they're opening their wallets and spending. aeropostale, for example, this is one of the cheaper, less e
the hour, i am lauren green with your fox news minute. a car bombing in syria today. state media says the bomber targeted -- an autopsy is set to take place on a boy that was killed after falling into an exhibit of wild dogs at the pittsburgh zoo yesterday. the boy's mother put him on top of the railing and was immediately attacked. at the east coast, the cleanup after hurricane sandy. parts of the region are bracing for a nor'easter. the storm could hit new york and new jersey area wednesday with rain, cold temperatures and wind gusts. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. i am lauren green. now back to connell. connell: launching an investigation into post- sandy price gouging. he says he received hundreds of consumer complaints. according to the attorney general this includes the price of gasoline, but also home repair companies that are involved in the repair efforts. dagen: there over 16 working days left for congress until the fiscal cliff hits. that is when tax cuts expire and speaker john boehner is kick in. expecting a temporary pass. former congressman,
syria disappeared from the internet. the first countrywide internet blackout. they are blaming the government and they are saying terrorists is responsible. >> president obama is having lunch with mitt romney. the cameras did catch a glimpse of the former republican governor arriving earlier. the white house sit-down is the first face-to-face since the election back on november 6th. governor romney met with his former running mate as well, congressman paul ryan. that happened earlier. those are the headlines right now here in the fox newsroom. back to tracy. tracy: jamie colby, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. tracy: oil poised to snap a three legs losing streak amid growing hopes that congress and the president can reach an agreement. maybe they know something we don't and potentially avoid the fiscal cliff. sandra smith has details in today's trade. they will think they will get it done, what? >> that's correct. the markets can tell us a lot of things and the markets are telling us maybe a deal will get done. look at the crude oil market up 2%. hear is the we
in the middle east than this. we have the situation between iraq and israel, syria, turkey, everything frankly heading for destabilization. it is frightening. thank you very much, former congressman as well. thank you for coming on the show. dennis: a rather monumental failure by industry and government. 11 days after superstorm sandy left town and new york imposing alternate day rationing as gas lines grow at the pump. what is wrong with this picture? adam shapiro joins us from a manhattan gas station. >> drivers will tell you what is wrong is they can't get-but first a live picture of the line at 45th street down to 38th st.. is only a 30 minute wait. it was 10 to 15 minutes about two hours ago but more drivers have shown up but they are steadily going into the station and some video shows you how long the line is. these new restrictions put in place by the bloomberg administration because of the hour upon hour long lines that motorists deal with not only in new york city in manhattan but long island. according to the administration something like 70% of the gas stations in all of the five b
from syria. an open area near a different post. soldiers then launched tank shells confirming direct hits. some syrians were injured during the conflict. authorities are still trying to figure out what caused the massive explosion in indianapolis that killed two people over the weekend. if forced to other people from that area. at least two dozen homes damaged by flying debris. the affects of sandy lingers tens of thousands still without any power. frustrated residents there. protesting the long island power authority saying it is unacceptable. they should have 99% power restored by tomorrow. back to connell. connell: a big decision coming for the president. he will have to pick a new treasury secretary. that decision, whoever he picks to replace tim geithner, it could tell us a lot about him. the president and ceo at the american thinker association joins us now. former clinton chief of staff or -- >> since i do not have a choice, i do not think i can speculate. those are good names. simpson had a lot of similar ideas two hours. jack lu is a very capable person as well. the senate w
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)